Certificate to collect funds

Please read the following guide for all necessary information.

Important things to know before you plan your visit to USA:

Please provide the following information at least two business days prior to your visit.

Current original recommendation letters (dated within the last 6 months).

Information about your organization and/or personal needs.

If you are representing an organization, we require current documentation of authority to collect funds.

Current government issued photo identification (passport, identity card, etc.), in your name.

If you do not submit the above information ahead of time, We reserve the right to delay issuing the certificate until references can be checked.

You must make an appointment with the office to receive a certificate.

Please fax the completed application form BEFORE you arrive in USA, this will expedite the processing of your application.

We do not issue certificates to Bocharim, regardless for an organization or personal needs.

This goes without saying…it is expected that the Meshulach will always behave with proper Derech Eretz.)

We reserve the right to decline an application