Business Plan

Tzdka V’Chayim,leader ALON ROZENSHAYN  , FY2017 Plan


Vision: The vision of Tzdaka V’Chayim is to provide a wide variety of human services including Jewish outreach programs instilling traditional, moral and social values as well as aiding and assisting families and individual who are in a crisis and destitute circumstances. Our programs encourage intellectual, as well as spiritual growth while at the same time instilling cultural and educational awareness. The programs developed will enable over hundred students to attend classes, workshops and weekend seminars. Our students will develop a deep sense of spiritual community and personal transformation. We provide them with living examples of what it means to be an active community member and to care and help others in need. Tzdaka V’Chayim works in partnership with the organization  in Israel as well as other organization who share the same objectives.

Mission: Strengthening the values and moral ethics of the community members by providing educational programs.



. To increase the number of members of congregants in  Israel from 45 to 60 by the FY 2017 (and when we have more space available we will increase our number of congregants and students).

. To increase student participation in programs by an increase fold of 45%.

. Increase average donation for projects in Brooklyn from $3,000 to  $5,000 and increase average donation for projects in Israel from $10,000 to a $15,000 by FY 2017.

. To increase the non-formal educational and in-home programs by FY 2017.

. To increase our funds for book productions by FY 2017.


Strategies: Build upon previous workshops by enhancing the entertainment, hiring more professional speakers and hire more staff for better students/teacher ratio.


Action Plans: To raise sufficient funds to build library  grounds by October 2017.

Open library in Queens NY  and Lakewood NJ by September 2017.