About our organization

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Vision: The vision of Tzdaka V’Chayim (IRS CODE 501 © 3) is to provide a wide variety of human services including Jewish outreach programs instilling traditions, moral and social values as well as aiding and assisting families and individual who are in a crisis and destitute circumstances. Our programs encourage intellectual, as well as spiritual growth while at the same time instilling cultural and educational awareness. The programs developed will enable students to attend classes, workshops and weekend seminars. Our students will develop a deep sense of spiritual community and personal transformation. We provide them with living examples of what it means to be an active community member and to care and help others in need.  Tzdaka V’Chayim works in partnership with the organization in Israel as well as other organization who share the same objectives Help children and young people in terms of traditional identity as a Jew and the organization of vacations during the school year. Our activities include the study of Israeli and Jewish history, culture and traditions through educational institutions and community center.